"One of our Goals at this show was to increase the number of people that came by our booth, and your entertainment did just that. We were thrilled with the number of people who stopped to watch your show and find out about our products. Definately record-breaking compared to prior years. Dollar for dollar, this was money well spent."

Katie Axtell
Berry Plastics
National Restaurant Association Trade Show

Since 1988, Patrick Flanagan has been performing in and around the Chicago area. His warm personality, offbeat sense of humor, and masterful sleight-of-hand have charmed audiences in a variety of venues. Sounds of laughter and looks of amazement can be found throughout each of Patrick's performances. Patrick surrounds each magical effect with a clever and entertaining presentation that, if desired, can be tailored to party themes, promotional slogans, company logos, etc.

Cards, coins, flowers, ropes, fire, rings, and fish... yes, fish... are just some of the tools Patrick uses to create memorable moments that your guests will be talking about for years. Interactive... Hands on... Up close and personal entertainment that will enhance your guests' enjoyment and elevate your event to celebrity status!!!