"Centegra Health Systems would like to thank you for your energetic and amazing entertainment at our recent Health Fair. You were always easy to find. We just looked for a crowd of people or listened for laughter, and we knew that is where you were. Our clients are still talking about your magic. We, at Centegra Health Systems, look forward to using your services again and again."

John Wyrostek
Director of Managed Health Care
Centegra Health Systems

I was born and raised on the southwest side of Chicago, a city rich in tradition for supporting magic. At 20 years of age, I received my first introduction to magic. It was at a small club called "Little Bit 'O Magic" where Bill Malone amazed me with miracles of which I had no explanation. From that moment, I was hooked. My quest for magic's secrets had begun and continues even still.

At first, I had to know how the tricks worked. I bought several books and devoted countless hours practicing technique. I soon realized that just knowing how a trick works does not make a magician. I discovered that learning to entertain people, with the skills I was developing, was the real secret.

My genuine education, however, was going to the magic bars and observing how the pro's worked for "real" people. Watching the pro's like Ernie Spence (at the Old Barn), Mr. Ash and Ken Mate (at Mr. C's Magic Lounge), Heba Haba Al and Skeets (at the New York Lounge), and Bill Malone, (at Little Bit 'O Magic and later, at Houdini's Pub), inspired a passion to perform and a drive to continuously improve.

My education continued when, in 1992, I was invited to meet with a group of magicians that called themselves the "Sleights of the Round Table". The table was actually rectangular, but "Sleights of the Rectangular Table" was not an enchanting name. Over the years, I have been fortunate to share magic and performing tips with some of the very best. Frank Travis, Bob Brown, Jack Palumbo, Tom Glyda, Steve Marion, the late Norm Osborn, and the late Eddie Fields have played a significant role in my development. I've learned the real magic lies in the relationship between the performer and the audience. While everyone experiences magic in a different way, as an artist, it is my desire to leave an audience spellbound and thoroughly entertained.

My goal has always been to provide my clients and their guests with an unforgettable experience, allowing them to put aside the concerns of everyday life and laugh out loud. I want to re-introduce the element of wonder and share my passion for "coloring outside the lines".

Let's have some fun!!!!!